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    Hi Raymon, thanks for your message. There’s a paragraph about the project’s authenticity in the FAQ. Here’s a relevant excerpt:

    The floor plan of the bunker and the purpose of the individual rooms were researched and authentically reconstructed in Führerbunker VR. All rooms are equipped according to the latest scientific knowledge. All scenes shown in the experience are historically authentic. The depiction of people, uniforms, medals and faces is to be understood symbolically. A detailed representation of the characters shown is deliberately omitted, as it would serve no purpose for the experience or for understanding the historical background of the events shown.

    If you want to know the historians involved and the sources consulted, please check the project’s credits and sources. There’s also a little more background on the lead historian, Sven-Felix Kellerhoff, in the FAQ.

    I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have further comments/questions.

    Tim Boyd