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      Have you guys heard of “Titanic: Honor and Glory”? It’s an amazing reconstruction of the HMS Titanic, created with Unreal Engine 5. What is totally beyond my understanding: Why is there no VR version planned for TitanicHG? I’ve already downloaded their free demo and it’s really an amazing project. This would be predestined to be VR. Is it really so hard to do a Virtual Reality port for the project?

      I understnad that it can’t be done easily for the Quest as an stand-alone project, but as a PCVR (i.e. PC powered VR) version? AFAIK UE5 comes with all the tools to build a VR version and there are plenty of experience on this site that are both VR and 2D screen accessible. So it’s kinda weird that they don’t create a VR version of the project. Maybe the people behind this site should get in touch with them to tell them how it’s doen or at least motivate them to also release a VR build.

      I know there’s already another Titanci experience available that is VR only (?), but that other thing is just light-years away from TitanicHG in terms of visual quality and overall fidelity.

      Here’s a video of the free demo:

      And a link to the creators of the projct (I hope it’s okay to post that here):

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