Watch List (A-Z)


On Our Radar

There are excellent educational and documentary VR experiences that didn’t quite make our Top List. Many of them are worth checking out. In fact, some just weren’t included because they aren’t quite finished yet or might not have met all required criteria. Some candidates from the Watch List may move to the Top List in the future.

In the interest of a complete directory of notable VR documentaries, we’ve added our Watch List below. Is there something missing from this list? Let us know in our Community Area or on Social Media.

Watch List (A-Z)

Steam: “Embark on an immersive Virtual Reality adventure and discover one of Europe’s most iconic, abandoned structures. Fly the helicopter, play the grand piano, climb the 70m high tower, mess around with a wine gun, all while you uncover the secrets of this UFO-shaped communist legend.”

Steam: “Visit Chernobyl without leaving home! Chernobyl VR Project is a unique project by The Farm 51, as it combines video games with educational and movie narrative software. It is the very first virtual tour around the Chernobyl and Pripyat area, compatible with VR headsets.”

Steam: “A museum presentation of church artefacts and full size scanned medieval Churches.”

Steam: “Immerse yourself in the world of the Surrealist master like never before in this encounter, venturing into the towers, peering from them to distant lands and discovering surprises around every corner.”

Steam: “Great Paintings from the Great Museums of the World in Virtual Reality. More than 1000 famous paintings to admire and enjoy.”

Steam: “Hagia Sophia literally Holy Mosque of Hagia Sophia the Grand, and formerly the Church of Hagia Sophia, is a Late Antique place of worship in Istanbul, designed by the Greek geometers Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles.”

Steam: “Go back in time over 500 years to Hieronymus Bosch’s studio and explore his masterpiece – The Garden of Earthly Delights.”

Steam: “3DA opens virtual windows to the past. Is there anybody out there who would be interested to look 80 years back when the largest flying machine ever built cruised the sky? Slightly colorized by imagination but still the detailed and genuine 3D reconstruction of largest flying machine ever built…”

Steam: “History and future of the power of art combined. The Kremer Museum is an innovative new museum concept that combines the newest VR technology with world-class Old Master paintings. The museum includes pieces by Rembrandt, Aelbert Cuyp, Frans Hals and many more Old Masters from the Dutch…”

Steam: “An exploration/photography experience set across a vast selection of faithfully detailed landscapes.”

Steam: “MARS 2030 is a virtual reality simulation where players explore the Red Planet and make discoveries across 40 square kilometers of open Martian terrain, accurately-mapped and -modeled using NASA satellite data. Produced in collaboration with NASA.”

Steam: “Once Upon a Sea is a poetic, interactive XR documentary telling the tragic tale of the legendary Dead Sea.”

Steam: “This immersive journey takes you deep into the heart of Parliament, where an iconic building surges to life with magic realism. Animals spring from stone walls. Empty rooms echo with voices of the past. And figures who have helped shape Canada return to take their place in the halls of democracy.”

Steam: “Explore what was out of reach before – travel to mesmerizing real world places and discover their stories!”

Steam: “An educational virtual reality journey through space. Be the first space tourist in history and explore planets and moons in our Solar System like never before. You can experience a journey to the Earth’s moon, explore Mars, and even see the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons.”

Steam: “Gamified and Interactive documentary experience. Traveling through volumetric captures, the user unlocks clues and completes challenges illuminating common values between the three Abrahamic religions. Each section concludes with a video of the holiest day, making rare moments, accessible”

Oculus Store: “In his final return to Majdanek, Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter tours the concentration camp where his parents and twin sister were murdered during World War II. As Pinchas recounts his experiences, you walk alongside him—seeing what he sees, hearing what he hears…”

Steam: “The OmniGallery is a VR multiverse of art exhibits.”

Steam: “Explore а bundle of 4 real-life and legendary locations – shot, scanned, and hand-polished into realistic interactive environments. Early Access includes 2 experiences and 2 more will be updated for free.”