Ocean Rift


A virtual aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life, including dolphins, sharks, orcas, turtles, sea snakes, rays, manatees, sea lions, whales and even dinosaurs. Ocean Rift features 12 habitats ranging from coral reefs, mangrove swamps and shipwrecks, to the deep sea, Arctic and Atlantis.

Activate the education mode to learn more about the animals you come across. There are over 40 fully narrated information points to find. Ocean Rift’s star animals are animated using an advanced procedural animation system. Its aim is to produce life-like behavior, and display some of the range of motion and dexterity shown by real-life equivalents.

Dolphins for example will twist, twirl and swim through hoops in an endless variety of ways, ensuring that no two visits to Ocean Rift will be the same! The whole experience is very similar to a virtual museum, except underwater and the cute manatees and scary sharks are frolicking in front of you.

What grabs the eye right from the start are the amazing graphics and ease of control. The developers did an amazing job bringing the beauty of being Underwater while chilling in your living room. Players are free to explore the virtual ocean and will discover a wonderfully detailed environment.


Quick Facts

RELEASE DATE: 13 Sep, 2017
DEVELOPER: Llyr ap Cenydd
PUBLISHER: Picselica Ltd
PRICE: $9.99


"A really fun experience to check out with very atmospheric visuals. Especially nice if played with the Quest 2, where you're entirely free to move around without any cables that hold you back and harm the immersion of the feeling of actually diving in the ocean."
Review Team

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