OVERVIEW – A Walk Through The Universe


An immersive experience about our position in the Universe. With a narrative and an interactive mode, it features realistic imagery and accurate data to leave you in awe and wonder at the vastness of the Cosmos. Using scientific data and featuring spectacular cinematic sequences, this interactive documentary can be enjoyed by people of all ages for education and entertainment.

Key Features of the experience are the 30+ minutes of cinematic narration taking you from Earth to the depth of the Cosmos, photo-realistic imagery using data from NASA, ESA and other agencies and a live model of the solar system with all planets, moons, comets and asteroids.

OVERVIEW also includes activities that are regularly improved and updated, like the “Scale of our Universe” experience that allows you to zoom all the way from Earth to our galaxy and beyond and the “Explore the Solar System” section, a free-roaming exploration of the eight planets that make up our neighborhood in space, along with hundreds of their moons and thousands of comets and asteroids.

Made in partnership with the French Astronomy Association.
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Developer Talk

What the developers say about the experience (quote):When designing Overview, accuracy was one of our main concerns. We did not want Overview to end up being just a beautiful, awesome, virtual reality experience. We wanted astronomers and astrophysicists to be able to enjoy the show without any reservation. We wanted educators and parents to feel confident that their charges were in good (scientific) hands. We wanted the general public to enjoy the experience knowing that every single celestial body – the planets, the comets, the moons – was right where it should be, on a correct orbit, and perfectly to scale.”

Quick Facts

RELEASE DATE: 1 March, 2018
DEVELOPER: Orbital Views
PUBLISHER: Orbital Views
PRICE: $9.99


“OVERVIEW is your chance to not only learn about our Solar System, but to actually experience the entire cosmos. What an amazing way to educate yourself.”
Review Team

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