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    Hi Mungee,

    let’s find out what’s going on. I suggest we go through the process together so I can find out, at what point your problem occurs. First, I have two simple questions for you.

    Step 1)

    Let’s forget about your VR headset for a second. Can you launch FBVR on your Windows PC? Open the folder, where FBVR was extracted/installed to (usually this should be named “FBVR_R203-Beta1”) and click on “Fuhrerbunker_VR.exe”. This should launch the project and greet you with a screen (on your monitor, not on your headset) that looks like this:


    If this works, please proceed to step two. If it doesn’t, get back to me.


    Step 2)

    If you’ve answered question A with “Yes”, exit FBVR again and launch your Oculus software and make sure your VR headset is properly connected to the PC.

    Now, with your VR headset connected and the Oculus software launched, open “Fuhrerbunker_VR.exe” again (just like you launched it before in step 1).

    It should greet you with the same screen, but this time the logo for the VR headset should be lit and can be selected. It should look like this:



    Please check the two points above and let me know if these two steps can be reproduced on your system.