Thanks for your quick reply. I will check this out and I think it will be helpfull. Noticed a few other things ( that might be due to my lack of knowledge but I didn’t figure them out yet….)

    1. Using the 1-10 keys on your numberpad should lead to a quick jump but the keys 3-10 give no different results…)

    2. Is there a way to move the camera when in “photo-mode” ?

    3. Using the right mouse button you can zoom-in but is there also a way to “zoom-out” ?

    I’m very enthousiastic about this VR (so don’t take me wrong 😬) because it is the only resource that gives an inside look of the bunker before it was ransacked and ruined and therefor the best reference for my 1/35 diorama of the bunker which I am building for the Historama Museum. I used a simuler VR that’s on the site of the Anne Frank Stichting for my 1/35 reconstruction of the Anne Frank House.