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    Hi Francesco, there are lots of great choices for VR headsets out there, but it really comes down to the relation between your PC and the headset itself. All VR experiences presented on Time and History (TH) are for PCVR, meaning that you need a “VR-ready” PC and a VR headset to display the experience.

    You can find out if your PC is VR-ready by running a benchmark tool. Like this one:

    Regarding the VR headset, we recommend the Oculus (META) Quest 2, as it is by far the most installed and best tested headset. It also offers great wireless usage and is overall a choice you can be sure that most VR experiences will be optimized for.

    You can select better and more expensive headsets with higher resolution displays, but you’ll have to keep in mind that higher resolutions also mean more load on your PC. To me (personal opinion), the Quest 2 really offers the best compromise between handling, performance and visual fidelity.

    The Quest 2 (or generally headsets from the Oculus/Meta universe) are also the headsets with the biggest selection of exclusive titles.

    I hope this helps for orientation. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Best regards,