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    Hi Mungee, thanks for purchasing FBVR and for your message.

    FBVR was made as a hybrid experience. This means that you can experience it on your 2D screen (PC desktop) or with a VR headset.

    To launch FBVR on your headset, follow these easy steps:

    A) Make sure your VR hardware is properly connected to your PC.

    B) Launch the Oculus software.

    C) Launch FBVR on your Windows desktop. It’ll start with a menu on your 2D screen.

    D) If your VR hardware is properly installed and if the Oculus software is running, you can now select the VR headset (the icon in the very left) to run FBVR on your headset. Once you clicked the icon, you can put up your VR headset.

    That’s all.  For navigating the experience and additional help, you may want to check out this video:


    Let me know if you got everything to work or if you require more help.

    Best regards,