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    Christopher Jones

      The content so far on this site is great, but there are some other similar experiences in vr that you may consider adding. Just some thoughts as these are also very high quality educational experiences. A lot of these work in roomscale mode so you can walk around. Ive run all of these on either an Oculus Go or Quest 2:

      1. Historium VR – Relive History of Bruge (steam)
      2. Stone Henge VR sandbox (steam)
      3. Colloseum VR (steam)
      4. Roma VR Domus (steam)
      5. Air raid over Britain (steam)
      6. Pompeii specterras was available on Oclulus Go, available on Oculus Rift plays on Quest 2 OK




      Avatar photoTIME & HISTORY

        Hi Christopher,

        thanks for your suggestions. We’ll check them all out. And also thanks for your post on this forum. The very first from an external person, as is not yet publicly promoted (and still pretty much in beta).

        This site will be officially launched in the second half of October.

        Best regards,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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