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A free VR experience that let’s you visit the palace built by Louis XIV. Alone and free to discover the works in the most emblematic rooms. The King and Queen’s State Apartments are all yours, plus other locations besides.

Climb onto the stage in the Royal Opera House, draw up close to the high altar in the Royal Chapel sculpted by Corneil Van Clève in the 18th century, and discover the Hall of Mirrors, one of the most iconic places in the palace. Paintings, ceilings, sculptures and furniture, everything is within reach of your controller to grant you access to the treasures of Versailles.

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The free app, which is now available on Steam with support for all standard PCVR headsets, takes you through the centuries-old palace, letting you inspect and learn about the UNESCO World Heritage site’s many paintings, sculptures, furniture, as well as few of its gilded halls.

Inside the palace you can click on many artifacts, getting a text explanation as well as a zoomed-in look at the discrete 3D models. The simulation offers 18 never-before-seen 3D models of iconic rooms and objects. A map lets you easily navigate around. For a more intimate experience, switch to night mode and explore the Palace by the light of chimney fires.


Developer Comment

Damien Henry, Google Arts & Culture Lab: “What makes this experience unique is the size of the digitization we’ve undertaken here in Versailles. We’ve captured 24 rooms in 12 days. We were able to capture 7,000 square meters, and if we count the walls and roof, the total amount is 36,000 square meters.”

Quick Facts

RELEASE DATE: 11 Sep, 2019
DEVELOPER: Google Arts and Culture
PUBLISHER: Château de Versailles


"Liberté, égalité, fraternité - Visit Marie Antoinette's former home without having to travel to France.
The experience is extremely well done and allows you to inspect many artifacts up close. It's also free to download. So, what are you waiting for, mon ami?"
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